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Download and Install Certificates
I have tried to connect to the open connect VPN server by using the Cisco’s any connect client. But it was unsuccessful as the certificate was not trusted. So, you need to install this certificate on your device to connect to the Open connect server
You can simply copy the key from the certificate file and save in a text file to install the certificate on your device. Alternatively, you can follow the below steps to get it via browser

Opening port 80 on firewall

sudo iptables -A INPUT -p tcp –dport 80 -j ACCEPT

Install apache to render files via browser

sudo apt-get install apache2

Copy the ca-cert.pem file to default html directory

sudo cp /etc/ocserv/ca-cert.pem /var/www/html

Now the file will be available over, youripaddress/ca-cert.pem or you can delete the index.html file from the /var/www/html directory and can access the IP address on the browser to list the file and download it.

Install Certificate on Windows 7
You need to install it on your device, the below steps will show you how to install certificate on Windows

open command prompt
type mmc and hit enter
File -> add remove snap-in
Select certificates and add
Select computer account -> next -> finish
Select certificates(local computer) -> OK
Expand certificates from left menu
Right click on trusted Root certificate Authorities -> all tasks-> import -> next
Browse the file you have downloaded
Choose “All file” in the browser window and choose the downloaded file
Click Next -> Finish
Now you have installed certificate on your Windows machine
Install AnyConnect and connect to Openconnect Server
Now you need to download Cisco AnyConnect Secure mobility client for your machine and install it.

After installation, open it and provide the IP address or domain name you have configured in the certificate and click on the connect button

cisco anyconnect connect window

It will ask for the username. Use the username that is configured earlier


In the next step, you need authenticate using password.


Now you will be connected to the Openconnect server using Cisco AnyConnect client