Tutorial MikroTik Security Engineer with LABS


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Mar 11, 2021
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Zone 7, Malbog, Jagna, Bohol
[tÜtz] MikroTik Security Engineer with LABS
Become a MikroTik Security Professional and be ready for the MikroTik MTCSE exam

What you'll learn
  • Configuring Port Knocking on MikroTik router
  • Disable unnecessary protocol on the MikroTik Router
  • Configure user management to allow particular users to login into the MikroTik Router
  • Protect the MikroTik Router from Brute force attacks
  • Protect the MikroTik router from DHCP starvation attacks
  • Protect the MikroTik router from rogue DHCP servers using DHCP Snooping
  • Protect the MikroTik router from ICMP flood attack
  • Protoct the MikroTik router from all type of ***** attacks
  • Understand how packet flow works in MikroTik routers
  • Understand and configure PPTP tunnelling
  • Understand and configure L2TP/IPSEC tunnelling
  • Understand and configure IPSEC VPN tunnelling
  • Understand how to configure Firewall rule using RAW table
  • Configure Firewall protection against TCP SYN attacks
  • Configure Firewall Protection against UDP attacks and prevention
  • Understand and configure Certificates in MikroTik routers to secure connections to the router
  • Configure Bridge filtering
  • Configure the MikroTik Router to prevent all type of ports scan
  • Understand the different type of Chains in the MikroTik Firewall
  • Prevent MNDP attacks using the MikroTik Firewall
  • Understand and configure SSTP tunnelling protocol with certificates
  • Understand IPSEC IKEv1 & IKEv2
  • Configure IPSEC site to site

Example of the topics that will be explained are:
  • Attacks, mechanisms and services
  • The most common threats
  • RouterOS security deployment
  • Packet flow, firewall chains
  • Stateful firewall
  • RAW table
  • SYN flood mitigation
  • RouterOS default configuration
  • Best practices for management access
  • Detecting an attack to critical infrastructure services
  • Bridge filter
  • Advanced options in firewall filter
  • ICMP filtering
  • MNDP attacks and prevention
  • DHCP: rogue servers, starvation attacks and prevention
  • TCP SYN attacks and prevention
  • UDP attacks and prevention
  • ICMP Smurf attacks and prevention
  • FTP, telnet and SSH brute-force attacks and prevention
  • Port scan detection and prevention
  • Introduction to cryptography and terminology
  • Encryption methods • Algorithms - symmetric, asymmetric
  • Public key infrastructure (PKI)
  • Port knocking
  • Secure connections (HTTPS, SSH
  • Default ports for the services

In addition of all those security topics, there is one module which explain about the VPN tunneling and will contain the following topics:
  • Introduction to IPsec
  • L2TP + IPsec
  • SSTP with certificates

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