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info How To Get VPN Account Support TCP and UDP Protocol

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VPN is a service that allows you to access sites personally. This is because VPN (Virtual Private Network) uses its own server which is different from most people. By using VPN you can get many benefits. Hiding IP Addresses, protecting data transfers, accessing blocked sites, speeding up internet connections etc.

How use VPN Account, you must have OpenVPN Application can download in play store or google. Input Username, Password and Config OpenVPN you can running VPN and give all benefit.

VPN support TCP and UDP can create in site VPNUDP.com for free and unlimited quota every day. This site provides any server in the world. Example Singapore, Netherlands, Germany, US, United Kingdom, Finland, Japan and Australia. You can get free all VPN Account in that server. In VPNUDP you use VPN Account with protocol TCP and UDP. TCP with 443 and UDP with 53, 1194, 8000 procotol can you use.

How To Create VPN in VPNUDP :
  1. Visit site VPN UDP in https://vpnudp.com
  2. Select server VPN. I recomended server Singapore in Asia and Germany or Netherland in Europe
  3. Input username and password for login in application OpenVPN
  4. Downlod Config OpeVPN in this site
  5. Import in application OpenVPN
  6. Start and happy browsing with VPN
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