1. drox

    Download Create bootable usb

    1.41 mb only created and tested by me for 32bit and 64 bit. open source makikita nyo ang code or script. (just right click and click "edit") may bootable usb kana...tested at madaling gamitin...
  2. Alph1Tech

    Reference Xtreme LiteOS 11 (Windows 11) SuperLite Edition Multi-Language x64 (July 2021)

    Xtreme LiteOS 11 is based on Windows 11 tweaked edition, especially to improve gaming performance in low end PCs. • This build is based on Beta Windows 11 ISO • Idle RAM Usage : 900 MB • ISO Size : 2.5 GB Removal/Disabled Features : • All Metro Apps (Except Windows Defender) • Print Spooler...