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XFA Custom Username Icons 3.5.0 3.5.0

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Custom Username Icons brings a new level of customization for you and your users !

This add-on lets your user select an icon to be displayed near their username everywhere on your board.
Icons can be selected either from a list of Font Awesome icons (more than 500 icons) or from a list of images icons of your choice.

Total control is given through the admincp to fine tune and manage the functionnality:
  • Permission to select an icon and configure it can be defined at user and usergroup level thanks to xF permission system
  • Default username icon can be selected for each usergroup
  • Edition and even forcing of username icon and configuration can be performed through user edition

    • Works everywhere, including addons as long as they use XenForo username template syntax (<xen:username>)
    • Configurable icon position, either before or after the username
    • Font Awesome icon (675 icons) or Image Icon, selectable through dropdown menus from usercp. Support Font Awesome icon transformation and animation.
    • Provided with 226 image icons
    • Support new image icon addition by simple upload to your ftp
    • Color picker to tune Font Awesome Icons
    • Live Icon Preview
    • Configurable custom username icons for all users of a usergroup (admin choice), if users don't have the permission to select a new username icons then it serves as default icon as well.
    • Admin can edit user icon from the admincp User edit page
    • Admin can force user icon from the admincp User Edit page
    • Option to not to load Font Awesome css (eg. if loaded by another add-on)
    • Users can also select their custom username color (permission based)
    • Users can also select their custom user title color (permission based)
    • Users can select wether they want to disable or not the font icons animation on all forum (permission based)
    • Option to set the authorized colors
    • Tested and work on : Taigachat, Showcase, Media Gallery, Resources Manager, Document Manager, Siropu Chat [NEW 3.5.0]
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