List of TM Games Promos – Mobile Legends, COC and more!

TM Games Promo is made perfectly for those TM prepaid subscribers who likes to play mobile games or perhaps call themselves mobile gamers. When you don’t have a WIFI internet connection to play your favorite mobile games, one of your choices is to subscribe to a TM Games Promo and still enjoy seamless game experience.

With the TM Games Promo, you can play the popular games which includes the following:

  1. Mobile Legends
  2. Clash Royale
  3. Clash of Clans
  4. Vain Glory
  5. Legacy Discord
  6. Arena of Valor
  7. Lineage Revolution
  8. Free Fire
  9. Rules of Survival

There are two categories in this promo, the GG Promo and Games Promo. The TM GG Promo offers internet data EXCLUSIVE for the access of the mentioned apps but comes with additional “unlimited texts to all networks“. Meanwhile, TM Games promo offers ONLY exclusive access to the game apps but comes with several variants according to your budget (₱15 – ₱99) and desired validity (1 day – 30 days).

Before you register, take a minute to weigh where you can get the best value for your money. Of course, TM offers affordable promos but are you good with just getting data for game apps? What if you want to use the internet for other purposes? So take time also to consider if you are just going to register to Games Promo or choose the TM internet promos that you can use in all your internet needs (surfing, social media, email, games, etc.).

List of TM Games Promos

Promo NamePromo DetailsHow to RegisterPriceValidity
GG30300MB for Game AppsUnlimited texts to all networksText GG30 to 8080₱303 days
GG50500MB for Game AppsUnlimited texts to all networksText GG50 to 8080₱505 days
Games 15100MB for Game AppsText GAMES15 to 8080₱151 day
Games 20100MB for Game AppsText GAMES20 to 8080₱202 days
Games 50300MB for Game AppsText GAMES50 to 8080₱507 days
Games 99300MB for Game AppsText GAMES99 to 8080₱9930 days
ML101GB for Mobile LegendsText ML10 to 8080₱103 days
A20MLUnlimited calls to TM/GlobeUnlimited texts to all networks200MB data100MB Mobile Legends data

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